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Diocese redirects funds to Network

Members of the Diocesan Board of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida voted overwhelmingly yesterday to approve a resolution designating funds to the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes. The resolution will be applied retroactively, totaling approximately $20,000 for 2004. Central Florida has formally associated with the Anglican Communion Network and is the first diocese to formally redirect funds to the Anglican Communion Network.

The Diocese of Central Florida has always had a mechanism for redirecting funds from the national church. Following the national Episcopal Church’s General Convention 2003, the Diocese of Central Florida held a special convention to deal with the aftermath of controversial votes regarding human sexuality.

“This special convention basically changed the default position for routing funds to the national church,” said the Rev. Don Curran, rector of Grace Church, Ocala, FL, Dean of the Northwest Deanery and Diocesan Board member. “Previously, churches had to send resolutions to the diocese to request fund be redirected from the national church. As of November 2003, vestries have been required to submit resolutions designating funds for the national church budget.”

Of those diocesan monies apportioned to the national church, only fifteen percent is being directed to ECUSA’s program budget. The Diocesan Board is responsible for dispersing available funds — 85% of the apportionment, and recipients include Honduras, South American Missionary Society (SAMS), Anglican Frontier Mission and Episcopal World Mission.

“I am delighted about the Diocese of Central Florida’s decision to redirect funds to the Anglican Communion Network (ACN),” said the Rt. Rev. Robert W. Duncan, Moderator of ACN. “Such funding will greatly assist ACN to fulfill domestic needs and its commitment to missions both in the US and abroad, including support for Global Mission Partners. The ACN is most grateful to receive this generous support.”

Funding for ECUSA’s budget is down at least 6%. While spokesmen for ECUSA claim the shortfall is a result of economic conditions, churches and dioceses across the nation report they are experiencing lowered giving and/or redirecting funds as a direct response to decisions at General Convention. In many dioceses, such as Missouri, Colorado, West Tennessee, North Carolina, Western New York and Virginia, giving has dropped by between 10 and 30 percent over the past nine months. Dioceses taking a firm stand against the actions of the 2003 General Convention are generally faring better. The Diocese of Pittsburgh, for instance, recently reported a $130,000 surplus for the 2003 budget year.

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