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A Statement by Bishop Robert Duncan on the ECUSA House of Bishops Meeting

March 17, 2005

I write with sincere gratitude for all those who prayed for the recent House of Bishops meeting and for those who have taken the trouble to write me notes of appreciation and support in this time of immense stress and challenge.

I am grateful that the bishops in Texas did finally begin to engage the real concerns of the wider Anglican Communion, although the statement issued falls short of what the primates were looking for.

I believe the real news from this meeting of the House of Bishops is that we have finally begun to be honest about what we did at General Convention 2003 and what the consequences are. Moreover, we began openly to engage the thought that our differences within the House of Bishops, within the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA), and within the Anglican Communion may be irreconcilable. In particular, we examined the complete breakdown of trust among some groups within the House and perceptions of abuses of power on the one hand and unhelpful tactics on the other, which have brought us to the breaking point.

The Anglican Communion Network (ACN) remains resolute in its commitment to full compliance with the primates’ expectations as outlined in their communiqué as well as to the historic Christian faith and order as concerns human identity and holy matrimony under the word of God written as the ultimate rule and standard. We are also seeking to work as closely and collaboratively as possible with other Episcopal Church leaders to find a way forward that will fully address the depth of the crisis we face while seeking to honor the consciences and concerns of all in the body of Christ.

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