Anglican Communion Network

Network Initiatives

“I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened,
         but that as a matter of equality your abundance at the present time
         should supply their want, so that their abundance may supply your want,
         that there may be equality.” [II Corinthians 8:13-14].
Initiative Relief & Development
Director Canon Nancy Norton (contact)

The establishment of the Anglican Relief and Development Fund has strengthened our relationships with Anglicans in the Global South. These personal connections enable us to find grassroots Anglican projects in the Global South that change lives in measurable, sustainable ways.

The mission of Anglican Relief and Development, then, is to be the strong hands of Christ reaching out in solidarity with brothers and sisters in the Global South. As a matter of stewardship, we do seek an unbiased perspective on our projects' success from an independent firm.

The Network is committed to raising one dollar for the ARDF for every dollar spent on operations and other initiatives. For this reason, we encourage you to support both the Network and the ARDF in your giving.