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“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there
           am I in the midst of them” [Matthew 18:20].


How do I use this map?
Enter something for Location, such as “90210” or “Albany, NY”, and click Go. The map zooms in on the location, and shows the number of parishes in the area under the Location field.
How do I navigate the map once I've entered a location?
Use the controls in the upper-left corner, or use your mouse:
  • click-and-drag to scroll
  • double-click to center and zoom in
  • right double-click to zoom out
Would you please add/update/remove my church?
Yes. Please direct information changes to .
Does the map include all Common Cause Partner parishes?
Yes. If you find one missing, please tell .
Are there other maps like this?
Yup. Ken Blackwell has a grassroots effort going.
The map is broken. Help!
Please direct technical problems to .